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Packint Chocolate Machines is mainly a manufacturer of process machines for the production of chocolate starting from cocoa ingredients (cocoa beans or cocoa mass, cocoa butter, cocoa powder) and other ingredients like milk powder and sugar.

We supply complete plants or small machines, depending on the requirement, and we implement the classic process for production of chocolate with the 2 steps of refining and conching, with additional machines for the preparation of ingredients and the storage of ready product.

For refining we use the low speed ball mill technology. This technology is the best one for small productions ( we propose lines from 10 kg/h to 1200 kg/h), keeping final fineness under 18-20 microns, keeping appropriate flow properties for the chocolate, keeping temperature under control. Also low speed ad good building materials are extremely important to prevent wear of refining medias,avoiding contamination of iron in the chocolate. A high iron content would mean the danger of oxidation (rancidity) of the chocolate, and a low life of the machines.

For conching we provide vertical rotary conches, with different level of intensity depending on the product.

We supply small plants (from 200kg/8h to 800 kg/8h) for artisan high quality chocolate production, starting directly from cocoa beans, including all the possible machines: destoner, roaster, winnower, prerefiner, low speed refiner, conche, sifter, cocoa butter press.

Packint Chocolate Machines also provides, as an added value, a technological service to all customers, teaching recipes, sourcing ingredients and developing products, for any application of chocolate ( bean to bar, confectionery, sweet baker, ice-cream, dietetic-pharmaceutical). Near Milan in Italy and near New York City in the US our productive show rooms are available for tests and demonstrations.