In 2012 four friend companies manufacturing machines for the chocolate and confectionery industry decided to join and create an alliance able to fulfi ll any requirement both in artisan and industrial size, in order to compete with the leading conglomerates.
These 4 companies are: Rollermac, manufacturer of panning machines, nougat machines and jelly candy machines, from lab size to large industrial scale; Packint Chocolate Machines, manufacturer of chocolate and spread cream process machines, from cocoa beans and cocoa ingredients to chocolate; Gami,
manufacturer of tempering machines, enrobing machines, cooling tunnels and one-shot depositors, in artisan and medium-industrial scale; Tecnochoc, manufacturer of continuous tempering machines, molding lines, chips and drops depositors, enrobing machines and tunnels of medium and large industrial scale.
The acronym of the 4 companies is at the origin of the name of the group, and the gate made of chocolate rocks represented in the logo wants to be a symbol of the alliance’s ability to be an entry point to the wonderful world of chocolate.
The Rockgate Group today can supply single machines or complete turnkey projects from small bean to bar manufacture to high capacity industrial chocolate factories.
The soul of the four family companies inspires the work of the women and men involved in the design, the manufacture, the installation and the service of all the machines and lines. Under the high automation, the beautiful design and the reliability of the machines, it is the human touch, provided not by a gigantic conglomerate, but by the union of four single small elements, that makes the diff erence.